Welcome to Futtershuttle Germany & Luxembourg, your free delivery service for dog food, cat food and horse food to Germany & Luxembourg.


For dogs and cats you will receive trial packages (articles 591 and 0917) 100% go to Deierenasyl Gasperich as a donation !!!


From an order value of 15 € (except samples & horse food from 3 bags) we deliver free and personally to your home in Luxemburg and the border area - all over germany we deliver horse food at 15 bags free of charge (Please note the text on page "Horse food") ! Should an article not be to your satisfaction, we will of course take it back and refund you the full amount, the started article will be donated to the benefit of the Deiernasyl Gasperich or horse rescue station - so no risk!


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Dog and cat food!

Dry food: - Premium and Superpremium

- Grain-free products

Wet food: - Gluten- and lactose-free


Horse food - Lavisano original food:

Successfully used in: gastric ulcers, faeces, colic, flatulence, Cushing's disease, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, bone growth, Eczema, summer eczema, laminitis, crotch, respiratory ailments, muscle blockage, muscle hardening, Coping, weaving, listlessness, poor performance, shivering, nakolepsia, PSSM and many more.

Only the best for your animal!