25 kg Lavisano top avantgarde


25 kg Lavisano top avantgarde

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Crude protein 12, o% Crude fiber 20, o% Crude fat 3,5% Crude ash 8,5% Calcium 1,1% Phosphor o, 4% Sodium o, 3% Magnesium o, 15% Carbohydrates ca. 15%, Lucerne shred Lucerne green flour Oat peel bran Barley toasted wheat bran Grass silage (pressed grass with grasses such as hemp & alfalfa must be named as silage) Hemp flour Hemp flower perennials Flax seed extruded Vit A 1o.ooo IE Vit D3 1.ooo I.E. Vit E 45 mg Vit B1 Vit B2 Vit B6 Vit B12 Calcium carbonate Sodium chloride Glucose Iodine 2 mg Iron 80 mg Zinc 80 mg Manganese 80 mg Copper 1o mg Selenium o, 3 mg

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