15 kg Super Premium deer & potato grain-free

15 kg Super Premium deer & potato grain-free

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Potato starch (at least 40.0%); Venison flour (at least 15.0%); Beet pulp; Potato protein; Poultry fat; whole egg powder; dried brewer's yeast; Salmon oil; linseed; lecithin; Hydrol. Chicken liver; Dried herbs; Fructoligosaccharides, inulin Analytical constituents: Crude protein 22.00% (corresponding to 220 g / kg) Crude oils and fats 12.00% Crude fiber 3.10 Crude ash 7.50% Calcium 1.40% Phosphorus 1.00% Sodium 0.30% Magnesium 0 , 09% carbohydrate content 47.2% (corresponding to 472 g / kg) Metab. Energy 374.6 Kcal / 100g Additives per kg / Nutritional Supplements Vitamin A 15000,00 I.E. Vitamin D3 2000.00 I.E. Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 100,00mg Vitamin B1 4,20mg Vitamin B2 5,50mg Vitamin B6 4,00mg Vitamin B12 40,00mcg Choline chloride 820,00mg d Pantothenic acid 20,00mg Nicotinic acid 46,00mg Folic acid 1,00mg Biotin 400, 00mcg Vitamin CC 20,00mg Iron as ferrous sulfate (E 1) 77,00mg Zinc as zinc oxide (E 6) 135,00mg Manganese as manganese-II-oxide (E 5) 28,00mg Copper as copper II sulfate, pentahydrate (E 4) 13.50mg iodine as potassium iodide (E 2) 1.35mg selenium as sodium selenite (E 8) 0.27mg

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